Rurouni Kenshin

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Die Folgen (95)
Englische Episodenliste
Staffel 1
1.Legendary Samurai! The man who fights for love.
2.The Bratty Samurai. Why don´t you become my Student ?
3.The Samurai in Sorrow. The Man past Forgiveness
4.Something stinks! It´s the Gangster Sanosuke
5.Sakaba versus Zanba! Fight the desperate fight.
6.Visitor from Darkness. The Kurogasa appears
7.Fight under the Moonlight. To save the one I love
8.Unexpected battle. A beautiful woman runs us ragged.
9.The strongest Ninja Clan. Fear the Oniwa Banshu!
10.Aoshi! Lethal power raised to beauty.
11.Adios my strongest friends.Crashing shadows and light.
12.Birth of a junior samurai. First disciple, Yahiko's battle.
13.You can do it Toramaru! The dosukoi journey.
14.To save a small life! Challenge! Doctor Megumi.
15.The Operation Starts! The Terrorist Group Jinpu Tai
16.Take a Pledge! The Hidden Sword Technique, Shiden No Tachi!
17.Blast to Your Dream. The Adventure of Marimo the Flying Bullet
18.Run! Yahiko, Bring The Sakabato Back!
19.Raijuta's Desire. Vision of a Forbidden Empire
20.Shinko Ryu's Revived! Show of Evil, Ultimate Killing Technique
21.The Nightmare Falls Apart! Raijuta's Dream
22.First Time! Crazy, Insane Steam Engine Train Trip
23.Betrayed by Sanosuke?! Greetings of Fate
24.Midnight Fight! Sanosuke Versus Kenshin Again!
25.Scarlet Pirate! Tear Up Kenshin and Kaoru
26.An Incarnation of Thunder Storm! The Mysterious Nobility of the Female Pirate Shura
27.Ferocious Fighting Island! Scarlet Pirate
28.Prelude To a New Threat. The Shadow of the Wolf is Drawing Near
29.The Ultimate Fatal Rival! The Waylay of the Desperate Fangs
30.Evil Monster of Revenge... Shishio Makoto's Plot!
31.Never Reaching Feelings... Kenshin's Departure
32.Changing Tears to Courage! The Path Choosen by Kamiya Kaoru
33.Time to Be the Strongest Warrior! Aoshi's New Battle!
34.The Little Thief... Makimachi Misao's Deceptive Looks
35.Occupied Village! Shishio's Evil Shadow, Ever Closer!
36.After The End of The Dynasty. First Meeting of Kenshin and Shishio.
37.Shock! Sakabatou Broken... Soujiro "The Heavenly Sword" versus Kenshin
38.Sanosuke, The Secret of Patience... Challenge the Hakai-Priest, Anji.
39.The man who makes Sakaba...Shat-ku Arai's masterpiece
40.Cold-blooded. Samurai battle with Ju-Pon Gatana, Cho.
41.Hidden Technique of Hiten Mitsurugi Ryu! Reunion with Master Seijuro Hiko.
42.Alliance agreed! The day when Shishio and Aoshi unite.
43.Between life and death. Succession technique mastered. Ama Kakeru Ryu no Hirameki.
44.Battle of indignation, gathering his strongest, Ju-Pon Gatana!
45.Blown away, the battleship, Rengoku. Stopping its sails.
46.Burning Rengoku! Shishio's fortune.
47.Crush! Futai no Kiwami! Pain of Sanosuke's fist.
48.The focus of his Guze. Anji's new reflection.
49.A wolf sees the Shin-Gun. Explosive zero Gatotsu.
50.The time when the promised is fulfilled. Kenshin and Aoshi battle once again.
51.Now is the time to awaken.... True and Perfect Solution.
52.Miracle in the making. The battle at Aoiya continues.
53.A giant versus superman. Saving grace at edge of despair.
54.Hiten versus Shuku-chi Soujiro. A god's gift to nature.
55.Tragedy in the storms. Soujiro's past.
56.Fight to the limit. Shun-Ten-Satsu versus Ama Kakeru Ryu no HIrameki.
57.Two men bet their lives on the end of dynasty. Kenshin versus Shishio. The final battle!
58.Will the era inherit Shishio? Kenshin's critical moment.
59.Luck hasn't run out yet. Ken-Ki revived again.
60.The one who permits victory. Kenshin versus stage.
61.Remaining Juppongatana... Choice of Life!
62.Kyoto, Engraved memory. Starting with fulfilled feelings.
63.Legend of the wishing fireflies. The girl who waits for her sword master.
64.Prince Yahiko's ....
65.Find out missing treasure. Great treasure hunting dog, Notaro.
66.Happy Kaoru! Kenshin's proposal.
67.Shining legendary sword! Mysterious swordmaster, Amakusa Shougo.
68.A medallion of destiny. Sanosuke and Sayo meet.
69.The place of battle, Shimabara! Judgement day of who is the choosen.
70.Impact of Rai Ryu Sen! Kenshin is sentenced to the dark.
71.Kaioh's Conspiracy. Shougo's Trapped!
72.Reminiscent days. Shougo and Sayo's painful past.
73.Evil with a sneer! Shouzo, Karyu's damaged in the explosion.
74.Sanosuke's tears! Eternal Separation with Sayo.
75.Final holy battle crash together! Two Ama Kakeru Ryu No Hirameki.
76.The sea of departure. Hope will surf over the sadness.
77.Himura dojo in Shimonoseki! Another Battousai appears.
78.The girl who longs for her art student. Love shock in Hakone hot spring!
79.Katsu Kaishu and Kenshin. Fated survivors from the end of Edo dynasty.
80.Never ending of Edo dynasty. Kaishu's mission of fate.
81.Beni Aoi's trap. Ghosts of Edo Dynasty haunt Kaishu.
82.Decision of Katsu Kaishu. The truth beyond the era.
83.Yutaro returns. The ambition of Black Knights hide in the shadows.
84.Sanada Ninja and the Divine Medicine. Their leader, Misanagi's goal.
85.A puzzling journey. Trap of Holy Crossing has been laid.
86.Dancing underground. Red day fly cut throat! Sanada Sannin Shu (trio).
87.Scheneider's bet. Collapse of the Black Knights.
88.Two other direction. Yahiko and Yutaro's eternal promise.
89.To my angel Misao. Special delivery from Kyoto.
90.Fusui (Chinese Geomancer)'s Surprise Attack! The Mystery of the Satanic Pentagram
91.Resist the Fusui's Magical Power Next Target: The Kamiya Dojo!
92.Tokyo's Under Martial Law! Strike of the Spiral Weapon, Ryu Myaku
93.The Enemy Awaits in Senjo Gahara! Searching for the Hisui (king fisher) Crest
94.The Elegy of the Wind and the Water Now They Make Desperate Efforts Here
95.The End of the Roam. The Ties Between Scarlet and Emerald are in the Boom of the Waves.