Hikaru no Go

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Die Folgen (75)
Englische Episodenliste
Staffel 1
1.Eternal Rival
2.Discovered Weakness!!
3.Akira Bears His Fangs
4.Kaga in Shogi Club
5.Prediction of an Awakening
6.The Beautiful Match
7.I Won't Play Against You
8.The Scheme in the Rain
9.An Irritating Presence
10.The Third Member
11.The Most Inconsiderate Act
12.12.5 Hikaru No Go 2002 New Year Special
13.Each of Their Decision
14.The Third Match
15.The Player On The Net
16.Who Is Sai?
17.The Match of Revelation
18.Akira vs. Sai
19.Hikaru's Strength
20.The Road to Becoming a Pro
21.The Haze Jr. High Go Club
22.The Insei Examination
23.The Room of Yuugen
24.Ouza vs. Akira
25.Sai's Sword Unsheathed
26.The Greatest Wall for Hikaru
27.A Place To Go Back To
28.The Wakajishisen
29.Kuwabara Honinbou
30.Ogata vs Honinbou
31.The Preliminary Starts
32.The Last Day of the Preliminaries
33.Team Formed!
34.Don't Win
35.There is Only One Winner
36.My Name is...
37.The Pro Exam Begins
38.The Challengers
39.The Dead Moment
40.Whereabouts of the Win
41.Three Weeks Isn't Enough!
42.The First One to Pass
43.Waya vs Shindou
44.A Desperate Life
45.Hikaru vs Ochi
46.The Last Day of the Pro Exam Finals
47.To the World of the Pros
48.Sai vs Meijin
49.A Painful Match
50.Fujiwarano Sai
51.Kurata 6-dan
52.Hikaru vs Akira
53.The Confession of Sai
55.Sai vs. Toya Koyo
56.The Thousand Year Answer
57.Let Me Play Sai!
58.One-Color Go
59.Touya Kouyou Retires!
60.Farewell Hikaru
61.Sai is Gone?
62.The Top Player in Hiroshima
63.I Won't Play Anymore
64.Keichou Flowerpots
65.Isumi no Go
66.The Fated Encounter
67.Isumi tested
69.The Determined Visitor
70.Sai was here...
71.The First Comeback Match
72.And so they began to run
73.Shindou vs Touya
74.Forever inside you
75.That Same Old Smile