Full Metal Alchemist

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Die Folgen (51)
Englische Episodenliste
Staffel 1
1.To Challenge the Sun
2.Body of Taboo
4.Transmutation of Love
5.Dash! Auto-Mail
6.National Alchemist Qualification Test
7.The Night of the Chimera's Cry
8.Philosopher's Stone
9.Silver Watch of the Dog of the Military
10.Thief Siren
11.Plain of Pebbles, Part 1
12.Plain of Pebbles, Part 2
13.Flame vs. Fullmetal
14.The Right Hand of Destruction
15.Ishbal Massacre
16.That Which is Lost
17.House of the Waiting Family
18.Marcoh's Notes
19.The Genuine Truth Behind Truths
20.Guardian's Soul
21.Crimson Glow
22.Created Human
23.A Heart of Steel
24.Affixing Memories
25.Farewell Ceremony
26.Her Reason
28.One is All, All is One
29.Untainted Child
30.South Headquarters Assault
32.Dante of the Deep Forest
33.Kidnapped Al
34.The Theory of Greed
35.The Reunion of Fools
36.The Sinner Within Me
37.Flame Alchemist, Fighting Lieutenant, Mystery of the Thirteenth Warehouse
38.With the River's Flow
39.Eastern Civil War
40.The Scar
41.Holy Mother
42.I Know His Name
43.The Stray Dog Has Ran Away
44.Hohemheim of Light
45.The One Who Lets Her Heart Rot
46.Human Transmutation
47.Sealing the Homunculus
49.Beyond the Gate
51.Munich 1921