Final Fantasy: Unlimited

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Die Folgen (25)
Englische Episodenliste
Staffel 1
1.Another World - Departure To Darkness
2.Demon Gun- A Man Of Black Wind
3.Fruit - The Town of Sweet Scent
4.Demon Sword Master - White Etude
5.Cid - Adventure In Underground Water Vein
6.Kigenjutsu - The One To Defend Life
7.Subway - Enemy In Dimensional Tunnel
8.Soil - Heart Of Magic Gun
9.Oscar - Endless Work
10.Mansion - Memories Of Habenaria Radiata
11.Ciel - Parting From Chocobo
12.Fungs - Eternal Life
13.Eteor - A Horrible Memory
14.Omega - Meeting Again And Departure
15.Jane - Sea Puzzle Which Begins To Move
16.Kigenju - Beyond The Smile
17.Frog - A Tiny Big Adventure
18.Summons Master - Confrontation Of Kiri And Kumo
19.Ai - An Encounter With Kuria
20.Yu - Gaudium's Secret
21.Cactus - The Sea Which Is Wandering
22.Mogli - Nostalgic Memories
23.Telos - Aiming At Tobimizu
24.Chaos - The Count's True Character
25.Kaze - When The Life Shines