Peach Girl

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Die Folgen (25)
Englische Episodenliste
Staffel 1
1.Love Hurricane!
2.Trap Kiss!
3.You'd Go That Far!? Super Sae
4.Pure and Righteous Declaration of Catastrophe
5.Swimming Competition of Red Hot Raging Waves
6.Crash! Love's Sudden Death
7.A Brief Love Sign
8.Black Girl
9.Operation: Destruction of Pure Love
10.Peach Crisis
11.An Unbearable Breakup
12.The Peach Flower Blossomed?
13.Shock! An Intruding Ex-Girlfriend!?
14.The Man Who Calls Forth A Storm
15.Who's Your True Love?
16.The Whereabouts of Love from the Abyss
17.Straight Line of Pure Love!
18.Temptations of Midsummer
19.Puzzle of Feelings
20.One Stormy Night
21.Storm Warning of Love's Revival
22.Love Existing Only in Your Head
23.Forced Into a Choice
24.The Truth of Goodbye
25.Last Hurricane!