Shaman King

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Die Folgen (64)
Englische Episodenliste
Staffel 1
3.Another Shaman
5.The Shaman that is Mature for her Age
6.Kung Fu Master
7.Pailong, Fists of Fury
8.Shaman Life
9.The Boy from the North
10.The Fate of 600 Years
11.Rain that Falls in Spring
12.The Star that Signals the Beginning
13.Over Soul
14.Shaman Fight
15.Bone Killers
16.Faust Love
17.Journey to the Best Place
19.Big Soul of the Two
20.Soul Mata Cemetery
22.Our Deadly Blows
23.Awakened, Nyan Nyan Doushi
24.Invulnerable En Tao
25.To Shaman’s Journey
26.Big America
27.Dawsing Revolution
28.Lyserg Avenger
29.Burning Tenacity
30.The Silver Oracle Bell
31.The Forest of Faeries
32.Horo-Horo’s Taste of a Bitter Friend
33.The Mysterious Asakura
34.American Hot Springs
35.The Vampire Legend
36.Pistols of Angels
37.Joking King
38.Legend of Seminoa
39.Flower Team
40.Super Notes on Shamanic Powers
41.Exploding Over Soul
42.Spirit of Sword
43.Fight of the Gods
44.One More Insists on It
45.Great Spirit
46.The Dead Spirit of Tao
47.Really Naive
48.Missionary of Dragon
49.Doctor, Doctor
50.I Have a Darkness in my Heart
51.Shaman Hunt
52.Special Training? Assembly of all Members
54.The Eighth Angel
55.Babylon Passage
56.Door of Babylon
57.The Shaman Fight Ends
58.Flaming Angel
59.Holy Ground of the Stars
61.Eternal Farewell
62.Die Collision
63.The Place Where I Belong
Deutsche Episodenliste
Staffel 1
1.Der mit dem Geist tanzt
2.Der Schutzgeist
4.Der Neue